The Great Relay NYC 2019

Rosť Tide

Help us support the Trident Swim Foundation – an organization that helps Swimmer Scholars achieve greatness through competitive swim teams and academic tutoring programs in the inner cities of America.  Trident emphasizes individual and team growth, a thorough knowledge of swimming, the spirit of sportsmanship, a healthy lifestyle and academic excellence - all at no cost to the swimmers or their families.  

Your donation works to provide the day-to-day necessities, such as:

$25 - A swim cap and goggles for a Swimmer Scholar

$50 - Nutritious food for a program for an entire week

$100 - ALL necessary swim equipment and USA Swimming meet entries for a year for a Swimmer Scholar

$200 - Books and enrichment trips for a Swimmer Scholar for a year

$500 - SAT tutoring for a Swimmer Scholar for a year

$1000 - Swim suits for a whole program for the full year


The Trident Swim Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donors will be sent receipts for use in tax returns.

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